Enter the RainMaker Essay competition.  It is a win win situtation.

 Our goal is not just to take photographs.   We want to make sure that people in our society, especially youths, are growing up with awareness and freedom of thought.  Every year we carefully pick essay topics for different age/grade catagory.  Contestants will be awarded Academic coupons which can be used to either win a free photo session or get amazing discounts on various photo packages.  Following are rules, topics and prizes of this year’s essay competition.  Remember that you don’t have to be a great writer to win.  You just have to be a free thinker.  



College and University students

Topic  : ‘Consequences of Blind Patriotism’


High School

Topic : ‘Advantages of a free thinking society’


Middle School

Topic: ‘ Differences between knowledge and wisdom’


Elementry School

Topic: ‘Respecting parents’

Rules & Directions

  • * The essay must be at a maximum 3 pages regardless of double spacing.
  • * It should be a word/.doc file attachment which must be  emailed to rmphoto110@gmail.com
  • * The subject of the email must include the topic of the essay and the school you are attending(if you attend one). For example ‘Freedom of Thought – Springfield High School’.
  • * The body of the email must include your name and your school year (e.g. junior -high-school or college).
  • * Contestants are allowed to get help from anyone they please (i.e. teachers, family members, friends), in fact we encourage you to get as many family and friends involve in this competition as possible.
  • Be creative and make an effort to write a quality paper.  And please avoid plagiarism at all cost!


 First 50 essay entries from each school will enter the competition, so submit on time.  Class of 2015 deadline is December 31st 2015.  Seniors still have time to win the RainMaker package.  The images we take will be memories forever so don’t delay.  One winner will be selected from each school or college/university and will be awarded The RainMaker Ultimate Academic Portfolio absolutely FREE.   If you do not win the competition, you are still eligible to get a discount.  Click ‘Read more’ below to find out what is included in the RainMaker Academic Portfolio and also learn about Academic coupons.

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